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America Zaragoza
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1. Many regular classroom teachers feel overwhelmed by their current duties. It is reasonable to expect them to provide for the needs of a child with disabilities in their classroom?

 I can understand why many regular classroom teachers feels overwhelmed by their current duties.  It can get overwhelming when a teacher is expect to provide for the children she has in his/her classroom as well as special education children.  The teacher has to work extra hard in order to provide for the children.  I’m not sure how the teaching credential programs works or what a teacher is expected to do when he/she has their own classroom but I believe a teacher should be qualified with a special education credential before teaching children with special needs. (Disabilities)  If I were a teacher without a credential in special education and be expected to provide for children with disabilities I would feel overwhelmed because I would feel underqualified. From the videos that we were assigned to watch, there was a video following the case of Peter.  Peter was a child with special needs who was placed in a mainstream classroom.  It was very difficult for the teacher to handle Peter not only because he needed extra attention but also because he would physically hurt the other children in the classroom.  I think that it will be fair for both the students and the teacher for the teacher to be qualified and prepared to have them in their classroom

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