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Krista DeSpain EDUC530
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I believe there should be accountability in special education. In your first lecture you made the point of how we are educating these children and getting them through school, if they make it, and then they graduate, or complete their program – now what? Studies have shown that an alarming amount of children with disabilities just become a number after high school. These children then become adults that are sometimes a burden on society. What if we could have just helped them when we had them, they would not be a burden. (I use ‘burden’ not in a bad or derogatory way).If we are held accountable as educators maybe the percentage of children coming through our education system would be successful innovators in society. The reality is that in everything that we do there should be some accountability. That is what life is about in in everything we do. We are accountable for everything from obeying laws, to paying bills to taking care of our own children. When these children become adults and go out in to the world, they will be accountable for their actions, why shouldn’t we. That is part of our job as educators’ right?

Standardized testing however is a different topic. I believe standardized testing works, but it should not  be a permanent marker of one abilities. I believe there has to be some type of reformed testing when it comes to children with special needs. There should be special standards, because they are special need children.

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