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America Zaragoza
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I do believe that accountability should extend to special education.  Of course there are many factors to consider.  For example, the accountability should be extended according to each student’s level of education.  I believe that all students should be tested because that is what monitors their progress and it also shows us what it is that they need to work on.  In terms of standardized testing I don’t think that special education students should be included in that.  From my understanding, standardized testing tests on the standard, in other words in it general testing.  Students with special needs should not be included because if they are taught in a special education classroom, it wouldn’t be fair for them to receive the standardized testing like everyone else because they are not taught in the same environment.  That would not be fair for the student.  If the student is taught in a mainstream classroom then standardized testing can be considered but then again if the student does not perform at the same level as the other students then that wouldn’t be fair.

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