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Daniel Cabanting
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Many regular classroom teachers feel overwhelmed by their current duties.  It is reasonable to expect them to provide for the needs of a child with disabilities in their classroom?  

Everyday in the United States, teachers in the general education setting are habitually overwhelmed with students who present challenges to the learning environment.  Many students may possess behavioral issues or carry a learning disability that challenges a teacher to provide the necessary services for the success of those students.  Although many general education teachers dislike the notion of having special education students in their classroom, inclusion in the general education setting for special education students is necessary.  Research has shown that special education students benefit significantly in the general education setting as opposed to the current separate classes in which most special education students are found.  To that effect, general education teachers should quit bickering and exert such energy into providing services that meet the needs of all children in their classroom, including children with learning disabilities.  With any special education student their is a team consisting of teachers, parents, psychologists, and other staff in which a plan is incorporated and utilized that offers the accommodations needed for the success of the student in the general education setting. Such plans can decrease the overwhelming circumstances that many teachers exhibit when special education students are included in their classrooms.  In addition, teacher's aides can also come into play in assisting special education students with academic skills and disciplinary actions if needed.  Teachers must take into account that they are there to serve all students.  Therefore, excluding children with disabilities in the general education setting must stop.  They too can learn and become successful in such setting.    
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