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Yaneli Montelongo
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I think that accountability should be extended to special education because all teachers and students (to some extent), should be held accountable for their actions, achievements and learning. Like I mentioned before, the extent of accountability varies on an individual level.  Many students in special education don’t always benefit from certain core subjects like intensive mathematics, language arts and writing. Most of them would benefit more from learning everyday life skills that they can use on a daily basis in the real world. Special education students should be held accountable for reaching their individual goals and tasks, whether it is sorting shapes, or doing simple division, accountability is necessary to ensure success. Having their own accountability will help these students feel more independent and motivated to reach their goals because it will be more meaningful on an individual level to be able to accomplish something. I also believe that standardized testing needs to be looked at on an individual level. The extent to which the student completes the tests should be determined by someone who is familiar with the student’s strengths and capabilities, such as a teacher, a parent or a school psychologist. If we leave standardized tests scores to the government alone, many students in special education will not do very well, and pushing unrealistic standards on certain children can be discouraging and counterproductive. Accountability and participation in standardized testing should vary individually so that every student has a chance to succeed or try to succeed with their individual goals and tasks. This will make it easier and fair to hold them accountable for their individual progress and tasks.

Aspen Lyons
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I too feel that standardized testing of special education students is questionable. Because every student learns differently, and special education students have even more challenges with learning, I too feel that testing for them may need to take a step away from standardization and more towards individualization. Each of these students has personal academic goals so does it make sense to test them according to standardized goals set by an outside source? I feel that these students should be tested, but maybe by someone familiar to their personal goals like you mentioned is the right step to take.

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