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Yaneli Montelongo
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We are always told in our special education classes that most special education classes consist of 7 to 9 kids, but most classes consist of 14 to 20 special education students. That is basically the size of some general education classrooms. General education teachers feel overwhelmed and over worked in their general classrooms, however, I can only imagine how a special education teacher feels with 14 to 20 case loads in her classroom and three times or more the amount of paper work for each student. There are many useful services provided to special education students, but many of them are not always utilized because of the size of the classroom. It is difficult to meet every student’s IEP goals if there are 20 students and one teacher, in such a limited amount of time. Special education teachers should always be provided with the appropriate amount of student aids if they are to meet every individualized goal. I also believe that many preschool teachers are over looked. Many see the special education classrooms as daycare centers, but after having observed a few, I understand how difficult and stressful it is to teach 4 and 5 year olds and get them to come close to achieve their goals when there are 14 or more students in a class and sometimes only the teacher and one aid. It is unfair to think that preschool teachers don’t need the same resources for their students, because skills and abilities are acquired in early age. How can these kids succeed in achieving their goals when they cannot be given then individualized attention they need in such large classrooms. I think it’s time we stop overlooking the little ones and give them the right tools and resources they need to get started in achieving their individual goals.
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