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Jessica McClenny Trager
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I would recommend having more curriculum. In the moderate/severe classroom, there is really very little curriculum available to assist you in teaching the CAPA standards and addressing the needs of each individual student. Although curriculum is a large investment for a school district, I believe Moderate/Severe teachers are at a special disadvantage because there is limited availability of resources. Also, I would change the attitude that special ed gets too much money, there have been many times where we have needed to make special accommodations for our students that are not funded from the school or parents. We provide all of the paper, pencils, markers, etc. for all of our students and this is not from the school supply closet. I would also require more from the parents. I think it is completely ridiculous that they do not send their child to school with a binder full of paper, and a box full of supplies at the beginning of every school year. It would be nice if parents were more responsible for their child after school, I know a lot of my students go home and play video games or watch TV all night at home, that is not going to help them progress in their education. For some reason special ed seems to have this reputation of being somewhere where the parents drop their kids and then have no responsibility for educating them at home. If parents were more involved with their children after school hours, probably a lot of students would progress faster in class.

by: Jessica McClenny Trager
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