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America Zaragoza
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I have noticed that the way we provide services to children with disabilities has greatly evolved over time.  We have learned more and therefore we have come up with better ways to serve them.  Although we try to do the best we can when providing to children with disabilities there are some things that we can improve on.  We must also consider other children who interact with children with disabilities.  For example when a child with a disability is placed in a mainstream classroom the other children are often left to interact with them without understanding their disability.  I believe that those children should be taught about their classmates’ disabilities and how they can better interact with them.  For example, in a video that we were assigned to watch I noticed that the other children are often left confused about children with disabilities.  There was a scenario when a child with a disability name Peter was placed in a mainstream classroom.  Peter was very violent towards other children and I noticed that the students were often hurt and would not say anything about it.  I don’t think that should be allowed because other children who are not trained to interact with children with disabilities get hurt for basically just being placed in the same classroom.

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