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Joel Mejia
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Joel Mejia

ESPE 530/ Stanley L. Swartz Ph.D.

Fall 2013

Discussion question 1

1. Many regular classroom teachers feel overwhelmed by their current duties. It is reasonable to expect them to provide for the needs of a child with disabilities in their classroom?


I understand that teachers have a lot to deal with-in their classrooms and might feel overwhelmed by their current duties but at the same time I do believe that general education teachers should provide for the needs of children with disabilities. We must provide accommodations and modifications to instruction so that we are able to meet their certain needs and learning styles. I believe that no matter what the level of the student we must teach students to reach their learning potential. Some say that it is almost impossible in the real world and it is a lot harder when you have overcrowded classrooms. As educators you must adapt to the abilities of your students being general education or special education. Teachers should take a positive approach in helping students with disabilities. This also does not go without saying that these same teachers should have resources to reach out to. You need to have resource teachers supporting the instruction from general education classes so students can access the general education curriculum. Teachers also need to be more willing to work with special education personnel in modifying and accommodating our special education students. I do not think general education teachers have a strong enough understanding of special education student’s needs and that is why they shy away from it or just do not want to deal with it. These teachers should have access to methods that can be incorporated into their everyday lesson plan that includes every student.


Aspen Lyons
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I agree with your opinion of this discussion question. I have been working as a special education tutor for a little over 12 years. I have been in many different general education classrooms and have worked with teachers who worked with the special education staff and took advantage of resources openly and I have also worked with the extreme opposite, those who I felt would have preferred I wasn't in their room and were very hesitant to giving any accommodations or modifications. Through my experience I can say that those who were open, the students could see that and they tried harder and excelled in their classes. It was if the students were less ashamed of their disability and just fit right in with all the other students. I too feel teachers should be held to high standards when it comes to the special education population. I also agree that there should be resources for general education teachers at each site or district where they can learn more about their special ed students.

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