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@Deana-your topic is very involved, my seems shallow and silly compared to yours. Mine is not really looking at anything and yours seems to be analying lots of data.

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Bob are whoever you are, you have got me cracking up LMAO

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     I was just saying that you can't use groups where you have to collect data on individual kids or anyone who has to be surveyed for human subject data.  I used a report of public data as an ex post facto control.  I didn't set the control and then experiment.
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guys it looks like we are all can someone sum it up as far as what is to be expected to come out of this paper?
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@group-I am struggling a little with how to write my Literature Review, but I have read numerous resources and have spoken to several of my Language
Arts colleagues. I think I have a pretty good understanding of it. I feel once I finish this I will be well on my way. I am trying to stay positive, but it is so easy to get discouraged.
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sleep I got to get me some now...bye bye
Yo no soy marinero
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     What are your data sources?
soy capitan soy capitan
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Buenos noches mis comaneros y los correzones de melones.  Yo tengo sueno gigante.

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@Bob - I think you have done an incredible job, your paper will give your staff some very useful information, and that is what is important.  You have analyzed public data and that was the primary objective.

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@Bob-thank you for clarifying that. I would like to meet with you before my paper is complete, because I admired your powerpoint and how you displayed all of the data. In other words Bob I need a tutorial from you on dispalying data. I want to try something new. Are we meeting online again? If so when.

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@Deana - Hey are you still on?

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    Tomorrow or Saturday would be fine.  Saturday might be best after Jindra.  What do you say?  I really have to go to sleep now.
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@Madeline-I thought that mine seemed OK compared to everyone else, but thank you. It took forever to come up with my problem and question.

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@group-Sat. sounds great. My data consists of looking @ AYP, benchmarks, API, and Target Growth rate for 06'-07' & 07'-08.' Alright everyone good night. I will see you on Sat.

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