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@Madeline  This looks like a great idea.  I just have a comment about the structure of the sentence that includes the info about lessening the weaknesses.
I should have cut and paste it here.  I will get back to you in a moment
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The purpose of the study is to examine how effective teacher collaborative teaming is on a school site’s student achievement. ........... I kind of wonder what you're saying when you say "how effective teacher collaborative teaming is on a school site's student achievement"...........It sounds to me like you should say "how effective teacher collaborative teaming effects a school site's student achievement."
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@madeline By sharing information and helping lessen weaknesess and increase eachothers strengths teachers can create meaning ful assignments and assessments students can academically profit  from.
As teachers share information, their collective strengths will lessen weaknesses.  Students will reap the benefits of meaningful assignments and assessments.  Is this the idea you were going for?
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I will continue to modify my question, thanks for the input. That was my first thoughts at getting started on this paper. Claudia and I are going to focus on the guru's and use their research to guide us further into our topics.

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@ Claudia - I think you could use your previous year benchmarks to compare with what your school is doing this year.

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I plan to use data from our CST scores from the years that we did not really have a strong PLC, then compare it to scores from more recent, since we have building our knowledge and practice of PLCs.

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@Deanna Have you found any research on the effectiveness of SIOP? or what SIOP consists of? Do you guys implement all of the components of SIOP at your site? How will it be measured? Are you looking at the CSTs?

On a side note, I am finding it difficult trying to develop the  type of questions that are appropriate for this research paper.

Now another thing I was thinking about was comparing the years when we didnt do thorough data analysis to the past couple years in math with info trom this year but we are not going to get  CST results for this school year until august. Do you think it would be public data to use benchmark assessment results? Is this something taht the principal would give to the public?

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What research have you guys gathered, where are you going, and what books/journals, etc. are you looking at.

so far Claudia and I are looking into McEwan's 10 traits of Highly effective schools, and Blankstein's Failure is not an options, to get what the "GURUs" are saying about our topic. We are also using the index of each to give us ideas of more research books and journals to look for.
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     Your idea about how to find best practices, and whether there is evidence about whether professional learning communities are tied to results.  I think that you could get the benchmark results as Claudia said and use that data to show that PLC intervention has been effective.  I would be careful about focusing on too much of the research and not enough of the actual school data that you use.
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ooh I forgot the question mark....Im tired!

Research anyone...what are you using to guide your paper?
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 @Mondito could you be more specifc on what type of english intervention program you are going to research?
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I'll ask again, does anyone have a format for our action paper?  You know, Absract, introduction, foundation....

Does anyone have a format?

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OK, my next step is to pull up as much information on intervention strategies for 8th graders as possible.  Does anyone have any insight into what interventions work best for 8th graders who have demonstrated a propensity to quit, fail, or just not give a darn.

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@mondito if you are going to be researching
"double block" english classes then good luck.  I spent like three hours trying to find double block research and i couldnt find any unless someone knows where I should start on that...

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@bob paulette sent us the guidelines on feb 6th. check your email. if not i will tell mad to send it to you. are you checking your email right now?
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