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I'll take that as a no.

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Are we in?

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OK, I now have a question but it hasn't been approved.  I have researched a boat load of background literature on credit recovery and online mastery programs used as interventions.

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My question reads "Has the institution of the Study Island and Classroom Support and Intervention (CSI) programs effectively increased the collective grade point averages (GPA) and graduation rates for eighth grade students at Bell Mountain Middle School?"  How does it sound?

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hi guys just got on. how goes it?
well im gonna do mine on data analysis and how it affects student achievement. Any thoughts?

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Hey everyone, Paulette said that she was going to start a new thread? I was trying to find it, but I guess we are continuing on the old one.

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I really have done a lot more than just select a question.  I am a few crunched numbers away from writing the entire thing.  I'm thinking about a correlation study with a view that I should be willing to make suggestions to accept the programs as they are, augment them, or go a different direction.  How does that sound?

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    Are you just telling how to analyze the data?  What is it that you expect to find out?
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So we are supposed to be talking about how we've been analyzing our data. Does anybody want to start?  My data analysis is really the only thing I have left.  I don't see myself being done with this until the weekend but I expect that that's about the time I should finish the paper as well.

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Bob, you are my hero. I am still trying to gather data. I thought it would be valuable to look at all of my ELs current CELDT scores, but to my surprise this is not on eadms. I have to look in the students cum. After gathering all the necessary data, I would like to meet with you to discuss the presentation of this information.

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OK, I get it, I'm the only one talking.  Did we go somewhere else?

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So are we all on this thread now?

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Glad to see your text, I would say glad to see you but cant see you.

We have begun writing the paper. I am going to cut and paste what I have so you all can see it.
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I can't believe the data isn't in EADMS.  Do you have to go to the district?  Can you look at just your ELs or do you have to look at the El program kids as a whole?

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@group sorry about the confusion, where is everybody?

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