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@Bob what literature have you found that correlates with your topic? is there much research already about study islands?
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@bob i think i want to talk about how data analysis  will be used to increase student achievement. I want to look at how teachers use data analyis from their assessments and how it is differnet from how things were done before.  I want to find the major ways data analysis helps teacher be better teachers through reflection and modifying their instruction to meet the needs of kids. I'm going to use our CST data from previous years and compare them to see how data analysis has either improved student acheivement, or not.  does all that make sense? i felt i was jibber jabbering lol
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Madeline & Claudia,

     It sounds like the two of you are writing a single paper.  Is that right?  Have you guys already crunched all of your data?  Do you know where you're going to?  Do you like the things that life is showing you? Where are you going to? Do you know?  Whoa: was that an Olivia Newton John flashback?
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     What type of research are you employing?  Is it one of the ones from the book?
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@deanna i dont know if you are able to gather data about individual student's CELDT sccores becasue that would not be public data. What about getting a generalized number based on the school population?
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Claudia and I have modified our questions a bit. My paper is coming along as I am now looking at ...

Purpose of Study

The purpose of the study was to examine how teacher collaborative teaming creats successful schools that increase student achievement. After analyzing how principals must go about creating a collaborative culture, what the guidelines and rules are for creating successful collaborative teams,  and how teachers use the information they gather from their collaborative team meetings, one should be able to see how effective the collaboration among teachers is.


Research Questions/Hypothesis

How does teacher collaborative teaming create succesful schools that increase student achievement?

 Students will be able to achieve at higher level academically when their teachers begin sitting down and talking together. Teachers who work and solve problems together will more than likely be able to give their student a deeper academic experience. By sharing information and helping to decrease weaknesess and increase eachothers strengths teachers can create meaningful assignments and assessments students can profit from academically.  As long as a school site has a strong collaborative culture; one that is open to change and various opinions, along with sharing a common goal, students should be able to benefit from the outcome of these team meetings.
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Deana and Paulette,

    Are you out there?
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@bob mad is writing about how collaborative teaming affects school improvement. i want to focus on how data analysis affects student achievement
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Your question sounds great.  Would it need to have some mention of your school?  Bob's question mentions his school by name.  I think that might demonstrate that action research is directed toward what you are doing at your school
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@bob what do you mean waht type of research am i using? a bit confused...
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Did anyone read my question?  I want you to rip it if it needs it.

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     I mean, is it an ethnography, a causal-comparative study, a correlation study, or something like that.  It could be a mixed study if you design to go one way first then another way on another part.
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Hi again everyone, I am planning on presenting a six grade key math standard to both of my math classes. I have ELs in both classes. I will use the SIOP model with one class and not with the other. I have been trying to gather several pieces of data:benchmarks, CELDT scores, and CSTs scores. My students current CELDT scores are not on Eadms.Therefore, I will have to look in each student's individual cum. I started doing this last week, it has been time consuming, but I think it is going to be well worth it.

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@ Bob I commented on how you would find literature that would fit with your very specific question?
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@Deana At our school the CELDT scores are available from the EL specialist.  They are emailed to us when we need them.  If you don't have an EL specialist at your site, I'm pretty certain that your district would have that.  However, would that be data available to any parent, hum, just realized that it probably would not.  Availability to parents is the criteria right?

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