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In present scenario, energy efficiency is a term that refers to reduce the amount of power consumption per day. It is a well known fact that there has been a steep rise in the pollution rate due to many factors. The continuous release of greenhouse gases, burning of fossil fuels leading to global warming has depleted the natural resources severely. Thus, there is a dire need to regulate and lessen the use of energy so as to foster a sustainable environment to live in.

With dramatic change in technology, a large number of companies and organizations are realizing the importance of energy prevention and thus, they are continuously implementing energy efficiency solutions. One of the most effective energy efficiency solutions is demand-side management systems which focus on controlling and regulating the usage of energy in industries. Many organizations have opted for demand side management system as it provides opportunities to save and control energy consumption.

Demand side management software is an excellent way tocollect data and measure the energy consumption of an organization. Such systems generally recognize the energy consumptions patterns and then accordingly suggest the best and tested programs and steps to target the possibilities to save energy. Nowadays, with advancement and growth in the field of technology, there are certain reliable companies that are dedicated in providing you efficient energy consumption solutions.

One such leading and trusted IT company is ESG that is committed in offering energy efficiency collaboration platform (EECP) and demand side management system. They are renowned for effectual and cost-effective enterprise and cloud based SaaS solutions to companies in order to help them keep a check on their energy consumption. Their proficient tracking system is greatly helpful in simplifying things and assisted various industries to save their energy utilization expenses.

About ESG

Based in California, ESG is a reputable and trustworthy IT company that offers the best-in-class energy efficiency solutions. They are dedicated in providing demand side management software solutions to organizations so as to help them detect and control energy utilization. For more information, you can visit
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