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Alisa Harris
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This discussion should focus on research design- just thought I'd start it.
Irma Preciado
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Hello,  I emailed you my email address.  I started some research on small classrooms, I wanted to start with some research regarding the effects of small classrooms, a good two to three cases.  Then I was planning to introduce the district information.  I am not sure if I should do two or three schools in our district and if I should use my schools scores because we do not receive QEIA funding and compare.  What do you think?

Alisa Harris
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Well if you're looking for QEIA effects- do you need to compare it to another school that doesn't recieve QEIA funding- which could be your school?

I would struggle with the same thing- 2 or 3 schools?  What will give you the most information to do research? 

For mine, I'm working on getting the Benchmark Data from the middle schools in the district.  I think I'm just going to use 6-8 Language Arts.  We have four middle schools.  I'm pretty sure, but I have to double check the demographics, we're a small school district and we're in a close area, but I think comparing similar data from similar demographics would be helpful when looking at Benchmark's effect on CST scores.  What do you think?
Irma Preciado
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Thanks for the idea, I want to add my school to paper it would be interesting.

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