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Keeping hands clean and hygienic should be your first priority to be healthy for protecting the body from any bacterial attack. While travelling you might feel the need to have an alternative of soap and water to get your hands clean faster with ease. Well, sanitizer has now taken place of soap and water in many areas like hospitals, hotels, airports, office, and many more to make the hands germs free in a faster process with just a drop of its liquid. Hand sanitizer lotion are usually made of 60% of alcohol that evaporates fast when applied, keeping the hands germs-free. It’s portable to carry so you can have it in your small pocket while travelling, working in office, having lunch at hotel, while shopping or anywhere.

Sanitizer has superfluity of peculiarity that makes it more usable, some are listed below:

· It comprises of ingredients that keeps the hands soft preventing from skin irritation, while after soap-water usage hands gets dry and rough.

· Its continuous use diminish 70% chances of getting cold and other infections, protecting from gastrointestinal infections also and reducing lots of chances of getting ill.

· Available in gel form, sprays, wipes or foams it can be carried away anywhere with serenity.

· Its correct usage prevents quick regeneration of germs on hands, also cutting off chances of H1N1 which transmit through hands contact mainly.

· From kiddies to oldies, it’s safe for everyone to use. Recent studies shown that sanitizer usage has increased the student’s presence in schools/colleges reducing illness factor in them.

But due to the chemical constraints and skin issues with certain alcohol based sanitizers, people prefer alcohol free hand sanitizer which leaves a pleasant fragrance on your hands after evaporating. It has the same traits as the alcohol made sanitizers, but is more beneficial due to its peculiarity. The most prevailing ingredient in alcohol-free sanitizers is Benzalkonium chloride that is a profound antiseptic and bacteria killer safe for hands. It gives prolonged protection for around six hours, needs minimal amount of use for highly effective results; moisturizes the skin along with sanitizing, preserve hand health with killing germs, doesn’t contain any chemical smell and kills 99.99% of bacteria in only 15 seconds.

Many companies manufactures alcohol-free hand sanitizers, but very few are able to maintain its standards distinguishing from alcohol containing sanitizers. Some brands like GermBloc is one of the bona fide and veteran alcohol free hand sanitizer having fusion of 0.13% antiseptic, non-greasy lotion comprising of 7 moisturizers, 2 vitamins and 6 botanical extracts making hands strongly healthy and fleecy.

About GermBloc:

GermBloc alcohol free hand sanitizer lotion is recommended by FDA and CDC that come in forms of lotion, foam and spray. For more information, visit their website

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